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Inspiration From The Mind Of The Coog - What Is This?

Apr 09 2020


What Is This?

Step inside my mind...

I find real joy in discovering new-to-me music, videos, or written words that feel so aligned with my soul, or current mood, that its as if they were produced just for me. 

Unfortunately, finding those hidden gems amidst an increasingly busy and digital world is not always easy. In fact, I hardly ever discover them while actually searching (yes, I have googled ‘Good music’ before).

Knowing that the best discoveries usually come from unexpected places, this is my chance to offer you that same joy. Follow along, and who knows, your new favorite song or short film might be waiting just around the corner!

With this bi-weekly post, I will share the latest music, movies, books, videos, and quotes that are keeping me going. Some may be funny. Some may be sad. Some may be inspirational. Some may be disgusting. Some may be completely random. You may hate it or you may love it, but you can rest assured that it will all be straight from me.

So, if you love that feeling of discovery, are looking for your next source of motivation, or are simply interested in getting to know what makes me tick, follow along. 

...but be warned, it's a scary place!

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