Are you ready to try one of America’s fastest growing sports?

Looking for a new adventure to share with your family or friends?

Perhaps, you’ve fallen in love with climbing indoors and you're excited to see what real rock is all about?

As a rock climbing guide and instructor, I facilitate incredible experiences in stunning places that push you mentally and physically, all while responsibly managing the risks involved. With experience in almost every aspect of climbing instruction, whether introducing first-timers to the sport, training National Park Service wildlife rangers on rope & anchor building skills, or leading experienced climbers into new terrain, I am able to deliver a customizable experience based purely upon your desires for a memorable day.

The nature of this sport requires a thorough understanding of complex systems, set ups, gear, and best practices in order to be enjoyed responsibly. I am, often, amazed at the people I see trusting their lives out at the crag to someone who hasn’t had the proper training or experience to do it right. While you may not want to hurt the feelings of your buddy, your uncle, or whoever said “oh yeah, dude, I can set that stuff up”, I strongly urge you to reevaluate what you’re asking them to do. 

Whatever your reason for further exploration into the highly rewarding, and seriously addictive world of rock climbing, I would be honored to serve as your go-to source for high-quality, professional climbing instruction. 

I have lead memorable climbing excursions for individuals and families of all ages and fitness levels. Contact me today to begin discussing your goals for a fun day.

Just a small sampling of guests discovering the joy and the beauty of rock climbing...