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Jul 15 2020

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received came from a college English professor who reminded the class to "Never read past a word that you don't understand. Stop and look it up."

That simple philosophy has been key to my remaining a lifelong learner, and I'm amazed at how that way of thinking can be applied far beyond the walls of an English class.

I love learning new things and answering the questions of curiosity that my brain creates. Far too often, however, the rush of daily life leaves those 'How?', 'What?', and 'Why' questions unanswered and soon forgotten. 

Next time you're out and about and see something that makes you think 'I wonder how that works?' make a note in your phone or in your planner.

I'll often title a blank section in my weekly planner as 'Life's Curiosities'. It's a fun way to remember the thought and help ensure that you actually follow through with answering it once you have a free moment.


You'll never be as cool as the #StowePinnacleDogs...

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After a couple hours of serious vegging on the couch last Saturday evening in front of our smart tv, I decided to click on one more Youtube video before calling it a night. This is the video I chose...

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IFMC # 2

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