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Nov 02 2020

Hiking the Pinnacle in Stowe, Vermont is a right of passage for both visitors and those of us who call the Lamoille Valley home year-round. To make this relatively short hike to a stunning view of the Green Mountain Range even better, you'll often encounter two furry friends without a care in the world guarding its summit.

Baylor and Sampson, two golden retrievers who live nearby, are often found making the trek or hanging out at the summit, without an owner in sight. I'll never forget the first time I encountered them both while heading to the poular rock outcropping for another Vermont sunset. 

Perched in a comfortable lounging position atop the actual summit, which is also the best viewpoint, it was clear they hadn't a care in the world. It was also clear that they had no plans of moving for anyone else who had visions of occupying this iconic vantage!

So alongside them both, we sat there and watched another day turn to night.

Chris Olson, Vermont writer and athlete, enjoys a Pinnacle sunset with the #stowepinnacledogs

That evening, I read more stories online of these two friends chasing each other up the mountain for years, sometimes with controversy, and I couldn't help but feel my affection for these two guardians of the Pinnacle grow.

Imagine escaping the watchful attention of you mom and dad, chasing your best buddy up a beautiful hike numerous times each week, watching the sunset, all while serving as summit celebrities which brings with it nonstop petting and plenty of photo ops.  

Baylor and Sampson have me thinking...

Maybe it really is just a dog's world, and somehow we're all running around crazily within it! 



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